Tramonto Vacation Club was created to offer the Tramonto experience,
which all of our guests love, in an even more wonderful way.

Can you imagine being the owner of a 4 star hotel room?

7 days per year during 25 years, you will have the right to an elegant room,
with capacity for up to 4 guests, to vacation, lend or rent, without restrictions.


What benefits do I have when buying a membership?

As part of the Tramonto Vacation Club, you will be the owner of a room for one week per year. You will be able to rent, retain, lend or enjoy your week. With the space to accommodate up to 4 guests at no additional cost per person. In addition, you can also segment your week throughout the year, at your convenience.

Do I have to pay anything in addition to the cost of membership?

All that is required is the payment of a annual maintenance fee for 5 years, after which it will have an annual growth of 4%. There are no extra charges, or taxes of any kind, guaranteed at the signing of the contract.

What is the maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee starts at $160 per year ($6 per person and per night). With this payment you will be warrantied of the cleaning service and the maintenance of the room during the whole week that your room is used or rented. This payment must be canceled one month before your week is used.

How many years will I own the membership?

The membership lasts for 25 years, during which you will have access to an exquisite beach vacation or an extra income if you decide to rent your week.

Can I lend, rent, or give away my week at no cost?

As you are the owner of the room during the selected week there will be no problem in renting, lending, giving away, or selling your membership to another person. This changes only require a letter informing the hotel.

How can I get a return on my week?

You can rent your room on your own. You can even sell some of your days and enjoy the other days.

How can I be part of the Tramonto Club right now?

Just contact the number (+506) 2250-3157 and one of our advisors will offer you assistance in the purchase of your new membership.

Live the Tramonto experience